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Our Services

Transmission Care in Michigan

Transmissions are delicate, and it pays to have repairs performed by experienced professionals who specialize in transmissions. At The Transmission Shop, we have a team of friendly, fast and certified technicians ready to tackle your transmission needs, no matter how big or small.

When you leave it to our experts, you make a crucial money-saving decision by ensuring that unnecessary services aren’t performed. The Transmission Shop has more than 40 years of experience and will guarantee fast and reliable results.

We can help with all makes and models of cars, trucks and other automobiles for service on:

Transmission Repair & Rebuilding

Automatic Transmissions

Standard/Manual Transmissions

Rear Ends



Front and Four-Wheel Drive Systems

Affordable, Top-Quality Auto Repairs

Automotive repairs are stressful enough without the added pain of cost. The Transmission Shop offers low-price services that never skimp on quality. All work is done by certified technicians who are dedicated to completing only the best repairs in a timely manner.

The Transmission Shop offers complete vehicle repair service on all makes, models and types of vehicles, including:

Fleet Vehicles

Passenger Cars

Commercial Cars



Recreational Vehicles

Heavy Equipment

Allison Transmissions

We are happy to honor most extended warranties, and can provide assistance on-site for financing and car rental. Common repair services we offer include


Front Ends





Preventative Maintenance for Longer Vehicle Life

At The Transmission Shop, we believe it is the responsibility of every auto repair shop to educate the vehicle’s owner about when his or her vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended maintenance procedures are due, what they are and what is involved. Wherever you take your car or truck, make sure your technician is performing the necessary preventative maintenance.

The Transmission Shop provides maintenance service for:

Fleet Vehicles

Heavy Equipment




Imported Makes

Domestic Makes

We honor many extended warranties, so feel free to ask!

The Transmission Shop handles a wide range of basic services meant to keep your vehicle in proper working order.

Recommended service periods for the maintenance performed at The Transmission Shop are as follows:

  • 1. Oil Change – Every Three Months or 3,000 Miles
  • 2. Engine Coolant – Every Two Years or 30,000 Miles
  • 3. Brake Fluid – Every Two Years or 30,000 Miles
  • 4. Power Steering – Every Two Years or 30,000 Miles
  • 5. Transmission Fluids – Every Two Years or 30,000 Miles
  • 6. Air/Cabin Filters – Replace as Needed, Check Regularly
  • 7. Fuel Filters – Every Two Years or 30,000 Miles
  • 8. Serpentine Drive Belt – Replace as Needed, Check Regularly
  • 9. Radiator Hoses – Every Four Years or 60,000 Miles
  • 10. Timing Belt – Replace According to Manufacturer’s Recommendation (Every 60,000 Miles, 90,000 Miles, or 100,000 Miles)
  • 11. Brakes – Replace as Needed, Check Every 10,000 Miles
  • 12. Air Fuel Induction – Every 30,000 Miles